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Registration form VIth WORLD FORUM

for lifelong learning

The fees vary depending on whether you are a CMAtlv 2021 member or not.

As a reminder: membership is 40 € / year 2021 for individuals. Membership here .

This rate entitles you to:

  • Participation in plenary sessions and workshops on July 1 and 2, 2021, with translations available (official language: French, with interpretation planned in English, Spanish and Chinese).

  • Buffet lunches on these two days, as well as coffee breaks, for those who will be there

If on-site registrations could not be honored due to a border closure due to the pandemic, the Forum would be held entirely at a distance and the surplus would be returned to each registrant.

Are not supported:

  • Transportation and accommodation costs (we can provide a list of hotels),

  • The festive dinner on July 1st evening in a restaurant in the center of Brussels (€ 50),

  • The visit of Ghent and Bruges on Saturday July 3 (50 €, coach and guide included, lunch not included).


For any questions, any specific case, please contact:


Please complete the registration form below.

In addition to the name, address, function, telephone, etc., you will be kind enough to give us some details, in the table below, which will help us to better prepare the VIth FORUM.

The tours of the Parliamentarium and the House of European History from July 1 in the late afternoon are free to enter, but we need to know how many people will show up to each to warn them, knowing that you can choose to take your time in only one of the two places or to quickly visit both (which are geographically close).

Regarding the Workshops, we need to know which one you will choose from each of the 2 series in order to better distribute the rooms.


And to know:

  • If you wish to participate in the "festive dinner" from July 1st in the evening (costs 50 €), provided in a nice restaurant near the Grand Place

  • If you want to visit Ghent and Bruges on Saturday July 3 (costs 50 € without lunch).


If you are a student, you will want to scan your card and attach it to the registration form.

Select your status to register:

CMAtlv 2021 member

Non-member CMAtlv 2021

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