The CMAtlv has scheduled its annual GA on September 22 from 5 p.m.As every year for a long time, this GA: 


  • Will be held at the National Union of Rural Family Homes (the UNMFR which we warmly thank), in Paris in the 9th Arrt.,

  • Bring together members, partners and correspondents from several countries, face-to-face for those who can and remotely for others,

  • Will be an opportunity to review all the achievements and projects of the CMAtlv,

  • Will be followed by a convivial cocktail for those present, an opportunity for friendly contacts.

Enable everyone to learn throughout life

INGO partner of UNESCO , the CMA, World Committee for Lifelong Learning, serves by its actions one of the fundamental objectives of the specialized agency of the United Nations: it is in particular the objective of sustainable development 4 for the conduct of the Global Education 2030 Agenda.

"Contribute to the maintenance of peace and security by strengthening, through education, science and culture, collaboration between nations, in order to ensure universal respect for justice, the law and the rights of the Man and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion ”.

For UNESCO , education transforms lives. For the CMA, the term “education” is used in a broad sense. It includes all activities leading to learning: those induced by supervised or unsupervised education and training (formal and non-formal education) and those also induced by the experiences of everyday, cultural and professional life (informal learning). For both organizations, the sharing of knowledge leads for each individual to greater autonomy of thought and action, the development of a critical sense favoring personal enrichment and citizenship.

The CM A challenge: that learning transforms everyone's life at each stage, event, evolution of their career, at any age and in any situation. Whether voluntary or not, it is about allowing everyone to learn in order to understand, adapt, flourish and have a positive influence on their environment.

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